Nebula Dog

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This Design was actually supposed to be applied to the page of our Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dark Side. However, it turned out that we were heading towards registering a kennel and the theme would not fit its name. The full name of our staffy is "DARK SIDE Tak Wiele Milosci" with "Tak Wiele Milosci" meaning so much love. That was the reason for the heart and the nebula and the starship look.

The Design features a fixed 2 column layout. In this example the content part is about 500px and the sidebar 200px wide. You can change these without having the layout suffer. Another interesting point is that as the sidebar expands the text wraps around it - which you can see in this example. The Design also allows multiple seperated entries in the content part.

Another sub header

Another main header

Changing the width of the "main" div should also allow you to add a 3rd column to the Design whether on the left or right side. The photo added on the menu bar just serves as example of what you can do with the sidebar.

Have fun with the Design and please remember to leave the credits intact and change the "yoursite" to the actual name of your site. This Design is valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS.


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